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Avatar Flash Fiction

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Welcome to the Avatar Flash Fiction community!

This community is dedicated to flash fiction over 500 words. If you are looking for a challenge community for drabbles and micro fiction, try theavatar100.

Every two weeks, a member announces a theme for flash fiction to be written on. 14 days from the day they announced their theme, the member who picked that theme chooses the author of the story they liked the most as the winner who then announces the next two week's theme.

For example, last week's winner, Author A, chooses the theme Elemental. Members submit flash fiction for that theme. Two weeks from the theme announcement, Author A chooses a winner from the stories posted. They chose Author B, who then picks next week's theme (for instance, they may choose Tea Time) and eventual winner.

Please post your story in a single part; the LJ limit on post size is very large. However, if your story exceeds that size (if it ever happens!) ask a moderator for permission to link to where the story is posted. All challenges should only be posted to avatar_flashfic for the duration of the challenge.

It's okay to write more than one story for the challenge. All pairings, ratings and genres are welcome here as long as the story meets the requirements of the challenge. Also, active feedback and constructive criticism is welcome and encouraged in this community!

Posting Format (for ease of archiving):
Always remember to use an lj-cut when posting stories. The subject line of your post should look like this: Theme, Title of Story.

Title: Title of story.
Theme: Challenge name.
Pairings/Characters: Name x Name or Name/Name for pairings; no initials.
Rating: all ratings are accepted here.
Summary: Short summary of the story.

Or the HTML version for copy/pasting:


7_chakras - Avatar-specific theme community based on the seven chakras

Other Stuff (just to keep things tidy):
This is a writing community so only challenge responses should be posted here. To advertise Avatar related communities, see atla_press, the Avatar fandom newsletter.