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[Theme] Week 6: Past

As the (throughly unworthy) victor of the last round, it falls to me to pick the theme for the next challenge, and I have selected: Past. This is an oft-used word with a plethora of meanings. Does it mean someone's history, the sordid details of the childhood and life? Or perhaps it means surpassing someone else, as in a race or competition? The choice is in your hands! Start your writing engines, everybody! You have until March Fifth to submit your entries.
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[Theme] Week 5: Mystery

Hokay, nanthimus said it was cool so here's your new challenge guys: "Mystery". Whether it's the mysterious White Lotus Society, the mystery surrounding Ursa's departure, or the mystery behind the history of the Fire Nation royal family to Aang's parents. I hope there'll be some entries! I can't wait to read what you talented people come up with. :)
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[Theme] Week 2: Shatter

First, thank you! Second... sorry this took a day to put up!

The biweekly theme for this round is Shatter - whether it's ice, a priceless vase, illusions, anything. Hopefully it can be applied to any setting or cast. Looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with!

[Theme] Week 1: Tea Time

Welcome to the first two weeks of avatar_flashfic! :D

I'll be announcing the first theme. However, remember that this is one-time-only; when the community starts moving each theme will be announced by the previous week's winner. I'll announce this theme and judge the first round and after that the person I chose will announce their theme and two weeks later choose a winner. So on and so forth!

The theme for the next two weeks is: Tea Time. Interpret it as you will. Remember, 500 words and above! :D

For the record, I will leave feedback on everything, but only once I've announced the winner. This is just to be fair to all the writers. :D

Here we go!